Central Highlands - streapadair

Binnein Shuas at dawn, from Moy.

4.15am, 05/06/82

~ This was during some serious heatwave weather, which seemed, then much more than now, to be a routine feature of May and/or June in the western highlands, and by way of self-defence I set off from Moy about 4am, with a languid, bored-looking sun soon peering through the Loch Laggan mist.

And the first cool hours of the day were the best, with an ascent of a'Chaorainn by its east ridge, which ends with a touch of panache right by the cairn, and on to the sprawling acres of Meagaidh. The rest were spent in a humid haze of brightness which in the afternoon faded to a coppery murk as thunder grumbled in the distance - by the Window to Stob Poite and out to the far-flung Carn Liath, and then, in preference to 5 miles of A86, a long (very long) retracing of steps back over Meagaidh, and down by its southwestern shoulder.