Southern Highlands - streapadair

On Meall nan Each, twin peaks of Cruachan behind.

7pm, 16/09/95

~ By bike from Inverawe to Glen Noe and the vaguely ancestral* acres. The objective had been Cruachan's N ridge and a summit camp, but progress neither by bike nor on foot was as swift as expected, so in order to catch the sunset I had to veer right for Meall nan Each, where the view is scarcely less fine. Better camping too, so I just stopped here.

Over and along Cruachan the next day, in uninteresting weather, as far as Sron an Isean, then down to the Lairig Noe and up Beinn a'Chochuill, whose westerly run-out is 4 miles long and seemed longer, though its terminal point of a'Chruach gives a very decent view up and down Loch Etive.

* I'm maternally descended from the MacIntyres of Lochawe, who once were Breadalbane's tenants in this glen. Part of their peppercorn rent was a snowball presented to the Earl on midsummer day - not a great problem, with the tall northern corries of Cruachan to hand.