Southern Highlands - streapadair

Beinn Tulaichean and Cruach Ardrain from Stobinian. Beinn a'Chroin and an Caisteal beyond.

10am, 20/03/05

~ First outing for my newly-acquired first digi camera, and I made almost every mistake possible - deleted the image from the card, oversharpened in PS, didn't save the original, didn't back up and therefore lost the lot when the hard drive died on me.

So this is the only record of a fine day - I set off from a heavily overcast Inverlochlarig at 7.30am with scant hope of any view, until reaching Stob Invercarnaig where, mirabile dictu !, the pale disc of the sun emerged. By na Staidhrichean I was in bright sunshine, and bouncing with elation.

Over Stobinian and on to Ben More, back to the bealach (where a trick of the mist left just the tip of the Stob showing, looking as attainable as the moon) then a diagonal descent to the watershed and back over Cruach Ardrain and Tulaichean in the afternoon, by which time the day's glory had departed. I met no-one on the two big hills, but dozens on the lesser, none I think with any conception of the morning's splendour.

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