Southern Highlands - streapadair

Sunrise from Beinn Dorain.

6am, 20/08/95

~ This weekend jaunt went well enough after a bad start - rolling up the Thermarest at home I managed to dislocate a ring-finger, and d-i-y efforts at popping it back being to no avail I had to visit the Vic A&E. Setting off from Bridge of Orchy many hours later than planned meant a hard and sweaty slog up on to Dorain, getting to the top well after sunset. It's a delightful summit for camping on, with commanding views all round, and the dawn brought a fine bonus - not exactly an inversion, but the eastern glens filled with valley-fog.

Back down at the col I stowed the camping gear for later collection and set off on the Dothaidh - Achaladair - Chreachain trek, the day soon becoming oppressively hot and the views hazy. Coming down off Achaladair I was surprised to encounter a goldcrest at almost 3000' - not a bird you associate with the mountains. After Chreachain I dropped down to Gleann Cailliche to visit Tigh nam Bodach and pay my respects to the Old Man and his family, then back to the van via a couple of cols and much dogged contouring.

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